Sneak Peek of Marian Rivera’s gown for Miss Universe 2021

The Universe wants her..

Everyone is excited to see the gowns that Miss Universe 2021 Judge Marian Rivera and Miss Universe-Philippines Beatrice Luigi Gomez will be wearing for The Miss Universe 2021 coronation night.

Both Marian and Beatrice will be wearing gowns made by Filipino Desiger Francis Libiran.

Today is officially Marian’s first day as a Judge. Marian is expected to  show different looks and style, but everyone is looking forward to see what dress she’ll be wearing for the coronation night.

Francis Libiran shared some behind the scenes story about Marian’s gown for the coronation night. Francis Libiran said a team of 6 people spent 4 days straight creating Marian’s beaded gown.

Francis Libiran showed some sketches where he said we can see Marian’s personality, Simple but Elegant.

“I just asked Marian what she likes, she said she wants off shoulder. So i told her “Since you will be seated most of the time, let’s showcase your shoulder. Because it’s one of your asset.”

“Marian’s request was very simple, and it’s always easy to work with her because she knows what she wants.” He said.

Here’s Nelson Canlas Interview to Francis Libiran..