Bea Alonzo: Oh my God! Hi Zia!

Bea Alonzo got excited when Zia appear on Zoom call event.

Marian Rivera and Bea Alonzo two of the biggest stars in Philippine Television got to be at the same zoom call event for Beautederm’s anniversary celebration.

Marian and Bea are both endorsers and brand ambassadors for Beaut├ęderm. And recently, Beautederm held an online celebration. Due to the pandemic they were not able to host a grand celebration but instead held an online celebration with all their endorsers.

At one time Zia suddenly appeared on camera. Bea was so happy to see Zia, “Oh my God! Hi Zia!” She said.

Marian said, Zia asked her when are they going to bed because she’s sleepy. “Sabi niya, ‘Mama are you done na ba?’ Kasi alam niya tutulog na kami.”

Upon hearing it bea said, “awww ang sarap naman..” during the event, Marian and Bea said that hopefully after the pandemic they will get to meet each other personally and visit one another’s home.

Here’s the clip..