Marian shed tears over remembering dyesebel moment

DongYan Live FunCon by GMA Pinoy TV was held yesterday August 25, 2021. DongYan’s close family and friends gave a surprise message for DongYan and revealed a memorable story about the two.

One of the people who gave them a message is GMA’s Vice President for Entertainment Lilybeth Rasonable.

She said, “I’d like to share something related to their relationship, really nice moment we witnessed during dysebel in Coron Palawan. They were shooting out at sea, Marian had been shooting under water the whole day, it was exhausting shooting the whole day under the water and under the sun.

Marian was super tired but she never complained because she loves what she does and wants to do her best. Out of shear exhaustion she just cried her heart out on dingdong’s shoulder. Dingdong was just quiet and letting her release whatever tiredness she had.”

“I knew then there is something between these two something that will progress and last.”

Ms. Lilybeth story made Marian shed a tear. “Naiiyak ako.” She said. Then Ms. Lilybeth gave a message for DongYan.

“Dong and Yan i think i said this many times to you i treat you not only as my actors but more as my family, like my children i want you to always be happy and i am always concern about your welfare and your family.

Your growth as artist and the continuation of your love story which i have witness from the very beginning, i hope you will always be happy and safe. GMA will always be here for you.

Marian thanked Ms. Lilybeth who is one of their Godmother at their 2014 wedding and said she will never forget that moment as well.

“We were not close but i lean on him and dong was just quiet but i felt safe, he made me feel safe. So i knew i will bebe ok.” She said.