DongYan lambada dance 2021

Birthday dance!

Dong Dantes celebrated his 41st birthday today with hia family. But earlier they celebrated the birthday of one of their friends and Marian’s personal make-up and hair stylist Vien Nueva.

Their friends also surprised them with birthday cake since DongYan are both august birthday celebrants.

Here’s Marian taking a photo of his gorgeous husbanf Dong.

One of DongYan’s closest friend Hairstylist Steven Deloso posted a video of DongYan playfully dancing to Lambaada.

If you are an OG DongYan fans the moves wil be familiwt to you. They danced Lambada 14 years ago with the same dancr step. DongYan still remember the dance step after 14 years.

Here’s the video, Thank you steven for sharing them.