Marian lambing time with Zia and Sixto

So sweet!

Marian Rivera shared a sweet moment with her 2 children Maria Letizia and Jose Sixto.

In the clip Marian shared on her Instagram Stories, Zia and Sixto were mimicking eachother’s “Mama” while sitting on the couch with their beloved Mama.

When Sixto screamed Mama, Zia copied him. Then when Sixto whispered Mama, Zia whispered as well making Marian laugh.

Such an adorable moment.

Meanwhile, Dong Dantes shoot a special short movie for a Ensure Gold with his mother Mrs. Angeline Dantes.

He wrote, ” I started doing TV commercials when i was 3 years old, and it was my Mom who would accompany me to auditions. Siya rin ang kasama ko when I first tried appearing in a movie during my teenage years. In between those experiences, i can still clearly remember how we would talk about our dream of appearing on TV together, much more for an advertisement.

Today, I am so happy to share with all of you this dream turned into reality, a product of continuous collaboration with a brand that I have been trusting for six years now. And i am just so proud to not only be sharing the screen with none other than my Mother, but also directing this meaningful project with her for Mother’s Day.

I truly enjoyed being with her in the set but, more importantly, it has been my greatest pleasure to honor her for all that she has done through my passion and craft. Without a doubt, I am who I am today in front and behind the camera because of her constant motivation, guidance and love.

Happy Mother’s Day, Ma! “