Sixto gives kisses to George

Such a sweet boy

Mama Marian Rivera recently posted a photo of Sixto kissing their cat George. He’s so sweet!

“Kiss daw niya si george..” Marian captioned.

You can see it on Sixto’s face that he really adore George.

in other news, Dong Dantes recently talk about Dingdong PH. His new company Providing work opportunities for delivery riders through a platform dedicated to the vendors.

“At the core of Dingdong® is the EXCELLENT SERVICE that we give to ALL our stakeholders: merchants, corporate partners, riders and customers.

We believe that excellent service is the KEY to ALL our business relationships, and to ALL doors of innovative solutions that we backed up by technology.

He said, “Dingdong® is definitely here to build lasting relationships with our fellow entrepreneurs, partner riders and discerning consumers by enabling and empowering them. And we understand that it is only through the empowerment of our community members that we will be able to co-create people-centric solutions that will allow all of us to thrive and progress sustainably amidst adversity.

All it takes is for you to ring that bell. Once you ring it, we will bring it.”