New video of Sixto

He is such a big boy now!

Marian Rivera shared a new video of his son Sixto on her instagram account. Sixto will be celebrating his 2nd birthday this friday, April 16, 2021.

Because of the pandemic, The Dantes Family will probably have an intimate celebration for Sixto’s 2nd birthday.

Sixto also had an intimate celebration for his 1st birthday celebration last year.

In the video shared by Marian, Sixto were seen giggling. He is such a big boy now and very mestizo. It looks like he got his bangs newly cut too.

In this adorable clip that Marian also shared, their new cat george was trying to play with Marian. While sixto was asleep.

The Dantes family got george last february with the help of Kapuso actress and Marian’s good friend Jennylyn Mercado.

It’s just 4 days prior to Ziggy’s 2nd birthday and let’s start the week happily, just like the birthday boy!🎈😍 Please stay safe everyone!