Sixto helping his Ate Zia to clean up

teamwork makes the dream work!

Mommy Marian shared an adorable videos of Zia and Sixto cleaning up together.

In the video Zia and Sixto are cleaning up their colors and putting them in a box. Mama Marian captioned, “Clean up! Clean up!”

In another video, Sixto continue to clean some more on his own. Marian said, “Gusto niya talagang mag linis!”

Meanwhile, Dong posted a sweet instagram with his wife Marian.

He said, “Kahit gaano ako ka-busy sa work-from-home set-up na ito, basta’t kasama kita sa oras na alas singko, tanggal ang pagod ko.

This Marian-named glass is a house staple— the same glass we used during our wedding back in 2014.

Have a lovely evening guys!”