Enhanced Community Quarantine Guidelines

Here are the guidelines to be remembered and followed now that we are under Enhanced Community Quarantine again from March 29 to April 4, 20201.

1.) Stay at home. Going out of the house will be limited to buying essential goods and services, and for workers of allowed establishment to operate.

2.) Below 18 years old and above 65 years old, pregnant, have immunodeficiency, comorbity and other health risk should stay at home.

3.)  6:00pm to 5:00am curfew will be implemented. Workers, Cargo vehicles and public transportation

4 .)  Public transportation will remain operational with th3 current regulation implemented by the Department of transportation.

5.) Travel Pass is not needed.

6.) Large gathering is prohibited.

7.) Hopitals, Emergency, frontline services, manufacturers of medicine and medical supplies, devices and equipment, agricultural and fishery sector, delivery and courier services for food, medecine and essential goods are all in full operational.

8.) Private establishment  and other work (essential goods and services); media establishments, and work permitted by DOH will be 50% operational.

9.)  Government agencies and other work will bein skeleton work force.

10.) Malls will be closed  with the exemption  of essential stores (grocery, pharmacy, hardware).

11.) Restaurants are limited to take out and dine out.

12.) Hotels are forbidden to operate.

13.)  Leisure establishments, tourist destinations (resorts, beach, etc.) sports facilities, and personal care services (spa, salon, etc.) Are forbidden to operate.

14.) Liquor Ban is implemented.