Breaking: Metro Manila, Laguna, Rizal, Cavite and Bulacan will be placed under ECQ.

Enhanced Community Quarantine.

The Palace announced earlier today that the following provinces will be placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine from March 28 to April 4, 2021 due to the soaring new cases of Covid-19 in the country.

• Metro Manila

• Laguna

• Cavite

• Rizal

• Bulacan

Photo courtesy of CNN Philippines

Here is a good read shared by Edsel Maurice Salvana:

”Review of isolation and quarantine

  1. Quarantine is done when there is potential exposure to COVID-19. Isolation is done when someone is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19.
  2. For example, if a person in a household tests POSITIVE for COVID-19 and has cough, colds and/or fever, that person needs to ISOLATE. All his household and close contacts need to QUARANTINE.
  3. QUARANTINE for the household contacts and close contacts is a MANDATORY 14 days. If anyone develops symptoms, they should be tested and ISOLATED. TESTING in asymptomatic close contacts is NOT mandatory but can be done AT LEAST 5 days from exposure. A negative test DOES NOT release you from quarantine if you are a known close contact. No testing is necessary at the end of 14 days as long as a close contact remains asymptomatic.
  4. ISOLATION typically lasts TEN DAYS from the start of symptoms if you only have mild or moderate COVID-19. If AT THE END of 10 days the patient has NO MORE SYMPTOMS for AT LEAST THREE DAYS, then he/she can be released from isolation by a competent authority (usually a physician). If the patient still has symptoms, isolation should continue until the patient has no more symptoms for at least 3 days. Patients with SEVERE COVID-19 undergo 21 days of isolation, repeat testing at the discretion of the healthcare provider.
  5. For completely asymptomatic individuals with a positive COVID-19 test, we do ISOLATION for ten days from the date of the first positive test. If the person develops symptoms during the isolation period, the ten day period restarts from the first day of symptoms.
  6. For travelers from abroad with possible exposure, they are quarantined for at least 5 days at a hotel and get tested. If negative, they NEED TO CONTINUE QUARANTINE FOR ANOTHER NINE DAYS at home under LGU supervision.


John develops cough, colds and fever and tests positive for COVID-19. He needs to isolate for at least 10 days. Mary and Beth are John’s household contacts. Both have no symptoms but will need to quarantine for 14 days. Testing is at the discretion of the LGU but if done should be at least 5 days from last exposure. Mary and Beth both test negative on the 5th day and continue quarantine. On the 10th day, Mary develops cough and colds. She is retested and is now positive. She needs to be isolated for ANOTHER ten days. If Beth was exposed to her, Beth will need to start another 14 days quarantine. If Beth was not exposed to Mary, she can be released on the original 14 day deadline as long as she does not develop symptoms.

When in doubt, always talk to your doctor or call the DOH hotline 1555 for advice on what to do. Improper adherence to protocols puts you and your family at risk. Please stay updated and always use your mask, face shield and keep a safe physical distance. Stay safe!”