Ate Zia being responsible big sister to Sixto.

Super Adorable!

Marian Rivera shared an adorable video of her children Zia and Sixto on her instagram stories account.

In the video Zia is helping Sixto to eat by spoon feeding him. Marian captioned “Good Job Ate Zia!”

Marian must be super proud that Zia is growing up as a responsible and sweet big sister to Sixto. Zia and Sixto also have a very close sibling relationship.

In other news, Zia’s Daddy Dong has a very important message for all of us.

“All-time high na tayo sa mga kaso ng COVID these past days. Experts say that wearing a medical grade face mask gives you up to around 85 percent protection (cloth masks-around 67 percent), and a face shield definitely adds another layer of defense. In fact, studies confirmed that when combined and worn properly, face mask and face shield give more than 90% protection.

Siguro naman medyo mas safe na kapag idagdag ko pa itong shield ng helmet na pang-motor, hehe!

Pero seryoso, we really have to double up our efforts in helping mitigate the Pandemic, while waiting for the vaccine rollout. It is not yet time to relax and be complacent about our wellbeing — it ain’t over yet!

So, we must make sure that we play our part as responsible citizens. I recall this tarp I saw recently that states, “You are responsible for protecting yourself, your family, the community, and the country.”

Pero siyempre, clearer short and long-term plans from our leaders will definitely help us all get through this in the quickest possible time.”

Stay safe everyone!