Marian’s happiness her family.

Some people are critizing Marian for wanting to have a simple life with her husband Dingdong Dantes and their 2 children.

She’s even got criticized for choosing to use local products. No one can dictate her on what kind of life she needs to choose.

As the saying goes, happiness s a choice. She choose to be happy.

Marian is not competing with anybody, she is also not affected, so who are we to judge if she choose to be simple?

Thats where she’s happy, that where she gets happiness, no one could make her life complete other than her husband and their 2 children Zia and Ziggy.

You can’t dictate her happiness. Marian alone can decide what makes her happy and contented and that’s prioritizing her family.

If having luxurious life and branded things makes someone happy, then let her be. Marian is different, her happiness is with her family and it cant be bought in any shopping malls or anywhere.