Marian and Zia’s new TVC for Waltermart

Zia joins her Mom as the newest waltermart endorser.

Marian had another Zoom presscon. It’s cool that she manage to do her work at home and while being with her children Zia and Ziggy.

Being a wife and a mother is her main goal, and it’s very fortunate that she can still squeeze in her work life despite of it all.

Indeed, Marian will do all the good factor of a wife and a mother because being Mrs. Dantes is her priority above anything else.

It is one of the proof that if you want it, you can do it.

Marian recently did a tv commercial for Waltermart, this time with Zia. She just posted the tvc on her ig account.

“Hi WalterMart Community! Hindi lang ako ang na-inlove sa WalterMart, pati narin si ate Z! Here’s our newest TVC. Siyempre, pasayahin lalo ang shopping using my free delivery promo code: WMMARIAN when you go shopping at”

As the saying goes, ‘happiness is a choice’. Strong women never regret their choice becaue they’re happy, and when they feel happiness, everything goes well.

Congrats Marian and Zia!