HyunBin meets Dong

Face-off of the two captains

Marian Rivera is so cute at the photo she uploaded on her facebook account.

She looks flustered while her husband Dingdong is looking and have his arm around the standee of Hyun Bin in a clothing store that was endorsed by the famous korean actor. The photo was captioned ‘I’m really confused.”

Marian got the time to watch K-Drama because of the quarantine.

Yup, aside from taking care of Dingdong with their 2 children Zia and Ziggy, and her business, she get to like watching k-dramas. According to Marian, Hyun Bin is the only guy her husband allows her to have crush on to.

Crash Landing On You starring Hyun Bin is one of the many k-drama series Marian binged watched.

Hyun Bin and So Ye-jin are the main character in CLOY and they are in a relationship in real life.