The secret to Marian and Dong’s happy relationship

Marian’s Tips to keep the romance alive

If theres a secret to Marian and Dingdong’s happy relationship, one if it is balancing their dynamics as a couple.


Marian said, “ communication is important but with a mix of affection.

“According to my experience as a woman, men don’t like nagger women.

“I myself is direct to the point when it comes to Dong. When I want to tell him something, I wont think twice to mention it to him.

‘I will tell this and that, I tell him what I feel’ It is better to be honest and vocal about eachother.’

Spend quality time together and be affectionate

Last September, Marian and Dong get a serious conversation together with their wellness checkup and relaxation in a resort in Batangas.

The actress added, “No matter how busy you are, you should still got some time to have a heart to heart talk with your partner.

“And don’t forget to still be affectionate with eachother.”

Give and take

It is important for a couple to give and take and be sensitive on each other’s need.

She explained, “Because it’s a vice versa thing, There are times that I am tired. So he’s the one who will go and comfort me.

“There are also times that hes been working a lot and get tired so I know what to do to comfort him.

“It is better to meet half way. Its not fair for someone to always come and take. Both partners need to give and take always.”


And the most important of all, Marian and Dong didn’t forget to pray everyday.

“And another good factor is number one in the morning, what we do is we meditate. It is a big factor in our daily lives.