Sixto wanna say good evening

Adorable clip of Sixto!

Marian Rivera shared an adorable clip of her son Sixto this evening on her Instagram followers.

Marian rarely share photos and videos of her children, because she wants to protect the privacy of her two kids Zia and Sixto.

They only share photos and clips when there are special occasions. Zia and Sixto also doesn’t have official social media accounts unlike other celebrity children.

Marian explained that Dingdong and her want to give that choice to their kids later on whether they want to have social media or not.

Dingdong shared this adorable photo of Sixto earlier today.

While Marian shared this adorable clip of Sixto smiling this evening. “Magandang gabi mula kay Sixto.” She captioned.

Thank you Mama Marian and Daddy Dingdong for sharing these adorable photo and clip of Sixto!