The cute way Zia stops her parents from going out

So adorable!

The daughter of Kapuso stars Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes is well aware of what is happening right now, as the World fight Corona Virus.

Dingdong and Marian explained to their daughter Zia, why they need to stay at home and not go out. Zia well understood the situation.

So whenever Dong needs to go out to work, Zia tells her Dad not to, “She will tell Dong, ‘Dad, dont go out. There’s a virus outside.'” Marian said.

Marian also shared that sometimes she teases Zia, “I even tease her sometimes that I will go out and she told me ‘No Mama, dont, no.'”

Marian also confirmed that she will not be doing her supposedly primetime comeback series ‘First Yaya.’

“Its hard for me in a lock-in taping because I wouldnt be able to see my kids. I still breastfeed Sixto and I assist Zia with her online class.”

The show will require her to have a locked-in taping where she will not be able to go home for weeks.

“Then, I wouldnt be able to come home? I was like ‘Oh no, what to do, I dont think I can do this.”

Marian chose to stay at home to take care and look after their children Zia and Sixto.

We salute you Mama Marian for prioritizing your family always.