How Marian Rivera explained COVID-19 to Zia

Explaining what is happening..

Marian Rivera recently shared how her children especially Zia is coping up with the new norm.

Like any other kids, Zia wonder why she can’t go to school or meet her friends and why they need to stay home.

Marian said, “Zia is indeed affected. She told me that she prefered to study at school than online class. ‘I just wanna go to school. I miss my teacher and my bestfriend in school.'”

“Its a good thing that im in contact with some of her classmates parents, so what i did is connect them through Zoom and they talk there.”

Marian said Zia often asked her when will the pandemic ends.

“But she told that she wish the pandemic will end so we can go out and play outside.” “When will this virus end?” Zia asked her Mom.
“We explain it to her and she understand. Well, i reminded her, ‘Ate Zia, we cant go outside. There is a virus right now, Do you know what virus is? Virus is very transmittable to humans and this is what happens.

“There are people who survive through and some people dont. Whe you dont survive, its over and you will go to heaven.’

“In fairness, she understand what I meant.” Marian said.

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