DongYan are like honeymooners in the farm

So sweet

After 15 days of being apart from eachother , Dingdong Dantes took his wife for a weekend getaway in The farm at San Benito.

Dingdong Dantes just finished her 2 weeks locked-in taping for descendants of the sun and a 4-day self quarantine.

He is finally reunited with his family, Dingdong posted a series of photos with wife Marian Rivera. Where the two took a quick getaway relaxing vacation.

“Malinis na hangin, mga puno, sariwang gulay, mainit-init na tubig…at ikaw. Huwow!

A much needed relaxation with some medical treatments in this well-loved place.

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Check out the photos below:

So sweet..

Jose En Maria..

Aqua Water Therapy..

Thumbs up from Big Boss!