The reason why Marian backs out of First Yaya

Marian confirmed she will not be able to do tv series First Yaya.

The news first came out last week that Marian Rivera decided not to continue with her series First Yaya.

It was first announced that they will resume their taping but the latest news we recieve from our reliable source is that the show will be cancelled.

Today, Marian Rivera confirmed that she will not be able to spearhead First Yaya anymore because she couldn’t do the lock-in taping.

Marian thanked GMA-7 for their undestanding. Marian held a mediacon via Zoom today, September 12, “It is very difficult for me, because they wrote First Yaya for me and molded the character to fit me. But pandemic happened.” She said.

Marian said, she talk to GMA about the protocols of the taping. “They told me it will be like Descendants of the Sun, where they have locked-in taping, all the actors, actresses, staff and crew can’t go home.”

Marian said it will be difficult for her to follow the protocol.

“I want to do First Yaya, i am ready with my whole heart and mind to do it. But pademic happened. Maybe it’s not the right time.

“It will be difficult for me to be in a locked-in taping because i have children who needs me. I have 1 year old who still breastfeeds and i have a 4 year old who has online classes.” Marian said as she talked about her two children, Zia and Sixto.

“My children needs me. They need me at home.” Marian added.

Marian said GMA tried to compromise and said it will be 7 days taping and 3 days rest. But Marian still need to self isolate so it still wouldn’t work.

“I’m thankful to GMA that they understand my situation. I am very grateful to them that everytime that i need to prioritize my family they understand and support me.”