Dong talked about spending more time with Zia and Sixto during pandemic

A grateful heart..

Because of the Covid19 pandemic, Dingdong Dantes along with many filipinos were quarantined at home.

But for Dingdong it is an opportunity to spend more time with his wife Marian Rivera-Dantes and children, Zia and Sixto.

Dindong got to witnesser many milestones of his children Zia who is 4 years old and Sixto who turned 1 years old last april.

“Ofcourse these are the things that i appreciate now, because these are the things that i didn’t get to do pre-pandemic.” He said.

“Because most of the time we are outside, we are always working, but now we have more time to bond.”

Dong said he is grateful that he was there to witnessed his son Sixto’s milestone at his tender age.

“When this all started, my son wasn’t even walking. He was still crawling. Now he’s running and saying a few words.” He said.

“A lot has happened and i’m thankful i was there to look after them.” He added. Dong also said that having family time is a priority.

“The value that should always be a priority is your time for your family. Especially your kids. You have to be there in every milestone of their life, to guide them and also to witness their development and growth.”