Marian Rivera’s new photo makes buzz in social media

Sana all they say..

Marian Rivera-Dantes surprises her fans with a new gorgeous photos that she posted on her Instagram account.

Ofcourse the gorgeous magazine-ready photos are taken by her husband Dingdong Dantes.

It’s been a tradition of the Dantes Family to go to the beach and celebrate but because if the on going community quarantine they just stayed at home.

Many netizens cannot believe that Marian is now a mother of two because she is sexier than ever.

“Appreciating quiet moments like this… Captured by my loving husband.” She said.

Some of her friends reacted and said if it’s a throwback or something because even after giving birth twice Marian is able to maintain her figure.

The likes of the photo is now 550,000 plus!

Marian posted another one earlier today that also received hundred thousands of likes from netizens.

“Want to exfoliate every day? Go lang ng go! Maxi-Peel Zero contains skin vitamins that helps nourish the skin, kaya safe na safe to use daily.

With regular use, MaxiPeelZero helps you get young-looking, glowing skin!”

Sexy Momma indeed!