Marian Rivera celebrates her birthday with family

Thankful for all the birthday wishes.

Marian Rivera-Dantes is celebrating her 36th birthday today, August 12, 2020.

She is celebrating it with her husband Dong Dantes and two kids Maria Letzia and Jose Sixto IV.

Marian’s endorsements, friends and fanclub sent her gifts, flowers and cakes for her birthday and Marian thanked them on Instagram.

Marian also posted on instagram a meaningful message for her 36th birthday.

She said, “As I turn another year older, l’m reminded of how the simplest things can mean the most. I’m grateful to be spending this day with my family.”

Marian also said that her only wish for her birthday is for her family and everyone to be safe and healthy.

“My only birthday wish is that all of you are safe and healthy. Let’s continue to pray and help each other. Thank you so much for all your birthday greetings!”

Along with the meaningful message, Marian posted a sweet family photo.

Happy Birthday Marian! We love and miss you!