Marian’s facebook live with Zia and Daddy

Marian Rivera’s facebook live with special appearance of Dong and Zia.

The couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera has been really blessed. Despite being a work from homes, they’ve managed to make a TV Commercial (TVC). Yes, Dingdong directed Marian’s TVC for her new endorsement.

The concept of FriDate is really great, Dingdong shoot their entire home, and of course, even is he is the director, he is also include in the said TVC.

Based on the video which Dingdong and Marian shared in their Instagram accounts, it started by Marian tidying up some of the toys that their son Ziggy played with and books that were read by Ate Zia.

Dingdong help Marian with cooking and preparing foods, and when they finally eat, it features Marian’s new endorsement UFC catsup.
Its seen the funny moments of the couple while they’re eating.

Dingdong caption it with, “No matter how busy you are, you need to have sneaky-sneaky to be really happy.”

Marian caption it with, “Jose and Maria, as long as I’m with you, I wont find any endings anymore. Naks!”

The video gathered thousand of views and likes. Many praise the couple, about still having that chemistry and spark despite being together for many years now. DongYan is indeed great, as an artist and director.

Meanwhile, Marian often do facebook live for her endorsements. Most of the time Zia and Dong are making special appearance.

Watch what happened when Zia refused to leave her Momma’s side. So adorable!