Mikael Daez Apologized to Marian Rivera

“I was a jerk..”

Mikael Daez apologized to Marian Rivera at the latest episode podcast of BehindRelationshipGoals with his wife Megan Young.

The couple talk about their experiences in showbiz industry.

Mikael said that he was just a newbie in showbiz industry before so he doesn’t know the flow of world of showbusiness.

He is also not familiar with Marian Rivera so that time, he doesn’t know how to to approach or treat the GMA Primetime Queen.

The Kapuso series Amaya is Mikael’s biggest break and Marian is her leading woman.

The Kapuso actor shared how she met Marian for the first time. “I go in and Marian Rivera’s there, there’s a table and she says, ‘Oh, hi, ako si Marian”.

“And then she extended her hand and I reached over and I’m like, ‘Hey, ‘sup? I’m Mik.’”

“And then I left. So many things were happening but yeah I was a jerk. I’m sorry. Yanyan, I love you, you’re amazing, you’re beautiful. I was a jerk.”

Amaya is one of the Kapuso series which is airing on the Kapuso Heart of Asia channel.