Zia has a new pet

A young baker..

We envy Zia Dantes because at her young age, she knows how to bake cookies already, of course her mother Marian Rivera supervised her and help her with the work.

Marian posted on her instagram a photo of the cookies Zia made with her and captioned it withe “One way to bond with your litte one is in the kitchen. So proud of Ate Z for making these yummy cookies. What should we make next?”

Another photo is posted with Zia holding the cookies and helping her with to bake.

Because of Marian’s cooking skill and knowledge of baking cakes, cookies and other things, Zia will grow up to know a lot about cooking and baking.

Meanwhile, there is a new member of Dantes Squad. Zia has a new puppy.

She was seen playing with her new puppy when her Mom Marian posted a photo on Instagram.

So adorable!