Marian Rivera made Eugene Domingo cried happy tears

She was so touched by Marian’s kindness.

Eugene Domingo shared a sweet story when she ordered flowers from Marian Rivera’s flowershop ‘Flora Vida by Marian.’

Where Ms. Eugene called Marian as the most gracious and sweetest.

“Allow me to share. I was excited to order @floravidabymarian ‘s new collection DRIED BLOOMS but knowing me- i tried to control myself and be “matipid” for it is just for myself, my own joy. “

“After placing my order, the nice girl ( let me get her name later), said to me: Ms. Marian is prepping your order and she is sending you a gift as well, the Gypsophilla and another bundle of pepper berry… OMG.”

“Marian sent me the one i actually wanted to buy as well – the Gypsophilla but i was budgeting myself. @marianrivera YOU ARE THE MOST GRACIOUS and the SWEETEST. God bless you more, my dear.”

“Ms. @cabyness calls this: unexpected wins.
I call this God’s grace  Angela is the name of the nice girl.

Marian replied, “Salamat Ate!” and Ms. Uge replied, “As in naluha ako, Ang bango nila! Muchas Gracias.”

Thank you Ms. Eugene for sharing your story!