Dong discovers something new about Marian

Sixto loves to play catch me..

Marian discovers something new about Marian while in home quarantine.

The Dantes family shared what keep them busy while in home quarantine for the last 3 months.

“We don’t really have a choice but to deal with this new norm.”

“We know that we can get through this challenge, as long as we help eachother and let’s keep the faith that God will always be with us.” Marian said.

Dong also shared that she discovered something new about his wife. It’s Marian having a long patience.

“Having 2 kids and a husband that are very playful and active, you will indeed need a very long patience.” Dong said.

DongYan also shared that they bond a lot with their two children.

“Sixto loves to play catch me. Even if he stumbles he doesn’t cry.” Marian said.

Dong and Marian was also asked about their new venture, delivery service app. But Dong doesn’t want to give details yet.