Marian Rivera works out while in Quarantine

Staying fit and healthy while in quarantine..

Marian Rivera is keeping herself healthy and fit while in quarantine. She is exercising every morning while her 2 kids are still at sleep.

Having 2 children, a four year old and a one year old is indeed tiring so Marian is keeping herself fit to keep up with her children’s energy during the day.

Netizens are amazed by how fit and toned Marian is only a year after giving birth to baby sixto.

Earlier today, Marian once again shared a photo after work out. Flaunting her very toned abs.

Marian is also busy baking and cooking for her family, not only that she also made some refreshing drinks for her husband Dong Dantes.

“Made some refreshing drinks for tonight! Moscow mule for him and zero alcohol for me.”