Sixto trying his hand at coloring

Marian’s favorite past time this quarantine..

One of Marian’s favorite past time this home quarantine is baking, Marian also loves to cook and been cooking for the past 2 months for frontliners.

Her husband Dingdong Dantes shared that his favorite right now is Marian’s home baked Pandesal.

“Her pandesal is so delicious.” He said.

Marian said Dong always do the taste test. “I love to cook and he always taste it if its good.”

Recently, Marian baked strawberry cupcakes for her family.

“One of my favorite past time this quarantine is baking. I made these Strawberry cupcakes for our sweet cravings at home.”

Meanwhile, Marian is also home schooling Zia.

Her youngest Sixto can’t help but to join in the activity.

Here’s Sixto trying his hand in coloring.. good job Sixto!