Why Marian only drinks water

Here’ the answer..

Netizens and fans were curious and intrigued by Marian Rivera’s post on her istagram stories the other day.

Where Marian prepared a romantic spanish themed dinner date with her husband Dingdong.

She posted a photo on her instagram stories where Marian captioned her post, “Cheers Mahal ko! Tubig na lang muna ako!.” (Cheers my love! I’ll just drink water for now!)

Many were intrigued by Marian’s caption, the truth is, the reason why Marian is just drinking water and not wine is because she is breastfeeding.

Marian is still breastfeeding her youngest Sixto. That is why she can’t drink any wine nor any drinks with alcohol in it.

her children’s health is Marian’s number 1 priority. So she will do anything to keep them healthy.