Marian Rivera cooked spanish food for frontliners

200 food packs for Frontliners

Marian Rivera has been cooking once a week for the frontliners, and it was a big hit especially her Menudo.

Dong shared that Marian insist to personally cook food for the frontliners. “She told me that she wants to cook it personally for the frontliners.”

Marian said, “It so satisfying when they tell me they love the food that i cooked for them.” She also said that her lola only shared the recipe to her.

Just this morning, Marian cooked another packs of food for frontliners. It’s called “Arroz ala cubana.”

Marian prepared 200 packs of Arroz ala cubana for our frontliners.

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For frontliners 😊

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Marian said that whatever happens, filipinos will always help eachother.

“We may not have the answer to all the problems we now have but whatever we can give, we will give it 100%.” Dong said.