Watch Zia gives her Mom Kisses

Priceless moments..

Recently, photos of Zia dressed up as Darna and Dyesebel went viral on social media. Marian revealed, It’s Zia and Dong’s surprise for for her for Mother’s Day.

Is Zia aware of what’s happening now with the pandemic? “Did you explained to her what is happening?”. Ms. Jessica Soho asked DongYan in a recent interview.

“She knows there’s a treath and risk if she gets out. She prayed that the virus will soon go away. Whenever you cough she will say “Virus!” Dong shared.

Meanwhile, Marian just shared a very adorable clip with Zia on her Instagram stories.

Zia were seen attacking her Mom with sweet kisses. “Sarap naman!” She captioned.

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Moments like this makes home quarantining worth it!