Dong and Marian showed the public their lives while in Quarantine

Dantes Family update

In a short film posted online by Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, they showed the public their lives while in quarantine these past weeks.

They are just like us even though they are celebrities. Like any other parents, they take care of their children, clean their house, they are afraid, worried because of the pandemic but ready to fight.

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It’s about this beautiful woman, who happens to be the mother of my children. @yanyuzon @evan.aranas @munkeymusic

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In a recent interview by Ms. Jessica Soho, she asked them, “How is your Quarantine?”

“We have the same routine but we became more organized.” Dong said.

Ms. Jessica Asked, “Marian this is what you dream for the longest time, to be a dedicated mom and housewife.”

“It’s saddening that we are going through something like this, many of our kababayan are suffering. We are staying at home, i’m taking care of my kids and my husband. I cooked whatever they like.” Marian said.

Meanwhile, Dong said this home quarantine is a first for him. “For more than 20 years i work almost everyday in different location.

So this experience is very different. It’s very saddening but i’m spending my time with my family very well.” He said.