Sixto now has the same haircut as his Dad

Marian on raising Zia

Marian is sharing her rules on taking care of Zia in a recent interview.

She said she let zia do whatever she wants with her supervision.

“Because I realize that the more you held your child back to do something, the more your kid will be curious to try it.”

So, when Zia says “Mama, I want to try this one,” I’ll say “Okay then try it.”

“She’s allowed to try things she wants, as long as its not excessive. I Think its good to give what your child wants, let them experience it.” She said.

Marian is also home schooling Zia at home. Here’s Zia doing Art and Craft Activity.

Meanwhile, Daddy Dong shared an adorable photo of Marian and Sixto.

Marian was kissing and tickling Sixto, Daddy Dong captioned “Pinapak!”. Sixto loves it so much! He’s so cute!

And Did you noticed anything? Sixto now has the same haircut as his dad. Semi-Bald!

He’s literally little Dong!