Marian baked Egg Pie

with the help of her hunky hubby Dong Dantes

Marian Rivera-Dantes is baking almost everyday. from Ube Pandesal, to homemade Pizza and now Egg Pie.

There are a lot of things that keeps Marian busy while in enhanced community quarantine.

She is home schooling Zia who misses her friends since it’s been almost 2 months since she last saw them.

She is busy cooking for front liners. And also busy baking for her family.

Earlier today, Marian shared that she will be making an Egg Pie.

Marian shared a short clip of her husband Dong Dantes taking our the egg pie from the oven.

Fans and netizens can’t help but to notice Dong who is very fit and hunky. Prompting everyone to say, “Sana all!”.

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Egg pie ni Yan! 🤩

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