Dong and Yan told a touching story about Zia’s prayer intentions

DongYan amazed by their daughter Zia

Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes told a touching and unexpected moment with Zia.

DongYan said, “We pray together as a family every night. It was an unexpected and touching moment when we heard Zia’s prayer intentions, ‘Please Papa God, sana no more virus kasi dami na wawa people naman outside. Please, please get out virus'”.

“So me and Dong look at eachother and was like Wow, at her age she thought about that, to pray for the virus to go away because there are a lot og people suffering.”

“She also watches the news sometimes, so she is very aware of what’s happening. So it’s so touching for us that even though she don’t know these people, she is very concern about their well being.”

“I think also because her Dad explains everything to her. Because she always ask her Dad, so Dong explains everything to her.”

Father Tito Caluag attributes Zia’s ability to respond in a compassionate manner to the examples set by her parents Dingdong & Marian Dantes. (From Kapamilya Journeys of Hope).