Marian and Main victims of Scams

In amid of the enhanced community quarantine, both Marian Rivera and Maine Mendoza fall victim of an online scam and fake social media account

The Kapuso Primetime Queen first blasted her Instagram story and gave warning to her fans and followers.

Marian made clear that there are fake accounts using her name and pictures online.

According to the fake account, she is giving away P5,000 to her followers by just messaging her to recieve the cash gift.

But the actress confirmed that it is all lies. Fake!!

Maine Mendoza is in the same situation where her name and picture were also used for scamming. The fake profile also said that it is giving away cash gift and the scammer also enticed the program “Eat Bulaga”.

That is why the manager of Marian and Maine Rams David of Triple A instantly make a statement giving warnings to the public about the scamming.

Rams said about Marian’s scammer, ” In this time of crisis, you got the audacity to use someone’s name and face. Even worse, you get to fool a lot of people. Please stop. Please be aware of these fake accounts. Thank you and God bless us all.”

In Maine’s case, Rams said “This is one too! Another crook that uses artists face @mainedcm, and even uses the program Eat Bulaga and TV Network boss to scam people. Be ashamed of yourselves!! Please beware of these fake promos and fake accounts.”