Marian playing the drums

Marian plays the drums

Dingdong Dantes goes back to learning on how to play a guitar and hopefully, after the lockdown is lifted, he would be able to play it.

In the photo taken by Marian Rivera, Dong is holding a guitar and looks like hes also singing a song.

The actor shared that back in grade school, he used to be the drummer of their amateur rock band which claim to fame after they’ve won first runner up on the ’94 Battle of the Bands while only having 2 contestants.

“Since the, Ive always wanted to learn how to play a whole song on guitar. The farthest I’ve reached was learning 3 chords — G,D and A and that was from our bands guitarist whos really good at playing guitar.

I hadd given up on that dream not until I saw the post of kuya kim atienza wanting to learn the instrument during this ECQ.

So, when is the best time to learn other than right now? I am grateful to my friend (and grade school classmate) for hooking me up with one of their stocks! Its a good thing that theres online tutorials for begginers like me.” He said.

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Meanwhile, Dong’s wife Marian is also learning how to play the drums.

Dong caugh his wife playing the drums and posted it on his instagram.

Good Job Momma Yan!