Sixto loves to play with Migo

Dantes family are blessed

The couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera is lucky with eachother. Not only they are loving and caring couple but they are also both hands-on parents to their 2 offspring, the four years old Zia and the one year old Ziggy (who turned one year old last April 16th).

Due to the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in all Luzon and other areas in the country, the couple became much closer to eachother together with their children. This is the longest bonding period they ever had.

Even though Ziggy didn’t have a grand celebration for his first birthday, the couple made it a point to have memorable.

Marian create a home-made cake and ice cream and she cooks different dishes that they will savor as a family.

Amid the ECQ, Marian discover a new talent because she became a hairdresser for his husband for the first time.

Dingdong returns to learning to play guitar in help of online tutorial. There are a lot more discoveries for the couple Dingdong and Marian these days.

Sixto’s BFF

Sixto, just like his big sister Zia, loves animals. He also loves dogs. One in particular is their pet Migo. Sixto and Migo are very close and often play together.

Marian shared a photo of Sixto and Migo recently.

“Afternoons at home means I get to bond with my kids and watch them have fun. Sixto is definitely enjoying Migo’s company.”

So adorable!