Aiko Melendez Defended Marian against Bashers on Instagram

Ms. Aiko defended Marian

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera Dantes joined Gabi ng himala last night.

GABI NG HIMALA: MGA AWIT AT KWENTO live on the ABS-CBN Film Restoration Facebook page for musical performances, script-reading sessions, and online discussions.

Gabi ng Himala is an online fundraising event for our displaced film workers presented to you by Lockdown Cinema Club, Ricky Lee Scriptwriting Workshop, and Sagip Pelikula.

Marian did her own interpretation, did a monologue as Elsa on Himala, directed by her husband Dingdong Dantes.

While many netizens and celebrities applauded and praised Marian for her great acting and monologue, there were some who hide their real identity by using fake accounts, bombarded Marian with negative and hateful comments on her instagram account.

Ms. Aiko Melendez defended Marian from those haters and expressed her own opinion.

Aiko also said, she has a lot of friends in showbiz but she don’t give compliments just because she’s friends with them, and she was really amazed by Marian’s acting.

Marian thanked Aiko for defending her and said that those bashers are using fake accounts.

Thank you Ms. Aiko for standing up for Marian!