Sixto approves Mama’s homemade chocolate icecream!

The Baby Boss approves!

Our beloved baby boy Jose Sixto IV is celebrating his 1st birthday today.

Though it’s far from normal 1st birthday celebration where your closest family and friends are all invited to a party to celebrate your birthday, due to enhanced community quarantine, Dong and Marian couldn’t held one for Sixto.

But they make sure that it will be a fun and memorable one, where Sixto can watch it back years from now how his Mom and Dad did everything to make his first birthday special despite of the situation.

Marian made a special homemade chocolate icecream of Sixto. Sixto III approves!

And ofcourse the birthday boy got one himself! Mama’s homemade chocolate icecream recieved an approval from the birthday boy as well.

“Pasado ang aking icecream kay birthday boy!” Marian posted.

Dong also gave sixto his first haircut. Dong and his son now has the same haircut. So adorable!

Happy Birthday Sixto! We love you!