Dong gave Sixto his first haircut

Sixto’s first hair cut

Dingdong Dantes gave his Son Sixto his first haircut.

Sixto, the fourth generation if sixtos after his father, grandfather and great grandfather is celebrating his 1st birthday today.

To celebrate this milestone his Dad Sixto III gave him his first hair cut.

This is Sixto IV before the haircut, super pogi but his hair is getting so long already.

Daddy Dong goes to action armed with his razor and gave Sixto a hair cut.

While toys kept sixto busy and distracted.. he’s so cute!

He looks at his dad as if asking “are’nt we done yet dada?”

After an hour, Here he is! Little Dingdong indeed! So handsome like dada!

Here’s the post shared by Daddy Dong. Good Job Dada!