QCGH Frontliners thanked DongYan

Other Hospitals request for Marian’s home cooked food pack

We watch the video of Marian Rivera while cooking her specialty menudo for the frontliners of the Quezon City General Hospital.

Marian cooked the menudo herself. She personally prepared and cook them while her husband took a video and help her prepare.

“Menudo ni Nanay Ingkang. Kitchen duties for our dear frontliners at the Quezon City General Hospital today who are sacrificing so much for us. Tonight’s meal for them is our damily’s specialty-Menudo- a recipe that’s been passed on by my nanay.”

Marian even wrote personal message to each food pack.

Some of the frontliners who received food packs from Marian and Dong left a comment on their social media to say thank you.

Some frontliners even requested as they want to taste Marian’s cooking too.

“Sana matikman rin po namin yung luto nyo po dito sa East Avenue Medical Center po.”

Marian and Dong will continue to provide food for our frontliners and Kababayan through Andrew’s fund and Yes Pinoy Foundation.