Marian and Zia bake pandesal

After sharing her personal “family specialty” Minudo and cooking it for COVID-19 frontliners, Marian Rivera shared photos on Instagram how she is teaching Zia how to bake.

While in quarantine period, Marian teaches Zia how to bake to keep her occupied because she couldn’t go outside to play or meet her friends.

Marian is also home schooling Zia for now. She is giving her math, science and writing lessons.

After that is when she teaches Zia gow to bake. The other day, they bake hazelnut brownies. Who got possitive comments from netizens.

Then they made filipino’s favorite dessert, Leche Flan.

Dong and Zia love it, she posted “yehey pasado sa aking mag-ama!”

And then they tried making pandesal. Looks yummy as well!

Looks delicious! Good Job Mama Yan and Zia!