Angelica Panganiban wants to work with Marian Rivera

Angelica wants to work with good friend Marian

Angelica Panganiban held a ‘Question and Answer’ portion on her twitter account and she answered some of her fans’ questions.

She was asked if she finally left her previous mansion house with an elevator and Angge admits that she did. “Yes. I did down sized. Having a huge house is not practical. Especially that I’m alone at home. So what I did is just buy an apartment big enought that I could manage it on my own,” she replied.

The actress is consistent when asked what are the other thigs she wants to achieve. “To have a baby,” Angge said.

We recall that lately, the actress always said that she wanted to have her own family and to have a child of her own. It is understandable since being a mother is the highest achievement a woman could ever asks for.

When asked who is her favorite loveteam, she directly replied ‘KathNiel.

And whos artist she wanted to work with, she mentioned Marian Rivera.

She was asked what is her daily routine now that everyone is under enhanced community quarantine and she answered, “When my cats woke me up, I will give them their catfood. Then I’ll eat the left overs I have from last night. Today, Im doing my laundry. It will be for 2 days. White and colored ones. So maybe on wednesday, ill iron them and water my plants. 🙂 I broom the house everyday and then video call my friends after.

In fairness, celebrities like these are so admirable, theyre thinking of ways to entertain their fans in the amidst of crisis.

Photo from PEP.