Marian Rivera shares how she teaches Zia while in community quarantine

Marian Rivera turns Super Ma’am at home.

While the entire Luzon are in Community Quarantine, Marian Rivera shares how she teaches Zia to keep her busy at home.

“There’s a lot of things to learn on the internet and you can imply that with your kids. I know its really hard but you need to endure it one by one.

Marian said she search and printed a lot of activity pdfs on the internet for Zia.

“I printed a lot of things and assigned it Dong like about maths or about the alphabet. We have those things.” Marian said.

Dong Dantes shared a stolen photo of Marian and Zia. Marian was seen teaching and guiding Zia, while Zia was focusing on her activity. Listening diligently to her Mom.

Dong captioned his post, “Super Ma’am.”