Marian’s misconeceptions about motherhood before she became a Mom

Marian Rivera Dantes talks about Motherhood with Cordlife.

She was asked of she has misconceptions or wrong beliefs about motherhood before she became a Mom.

“I think it’s one of the most important things that before you enter motherhood, you need to be whole and you really want to do it.”

“Because people say, that taking care helping them grow doesn’t end with your pregnancy. As they grow up, the priorities and things you need to do for them changes.”

Marian said every Mom has her own misconceptions.

“Maybe it’s better for you to experience what it is because you could only answer it. It’s your body and your pregnancy, maybe what’s worked for others doesnt apply for you, or what’s worked for you doesn’t work for others.” She said.

“I have a normal delivery, I push myself to have a normal delivery. I said whatever happens, I need to deliver my baby normally. With the help of God, I got my children in normal delivery.”

“I wanted to feel the pain of giving birth, I could ┬átell to myself ‘ Wow, Im a mom who gave birth to my children’ like that! So when you have a child you are so blessed.”