Marian Rivera watches Crash Landing on you

Marian is a fan of Captain Ri!

Let’s welcome Marian Rivera-Dantes to the club!

Marian Rivera just posted a screen shot of Captain Ri on her instagram stories. Captain Ri is played by Hyun bin in the most popular korean drama right now, Crash landing on you.

Crash landing on you starring korean superstars Son Hye Jin and Hyun Bin became the most popular korean drama breaking all records in korea.

It’s final episode garnered an average nationwide rating of 21.683% and a peak rating of 24.1%. Breaking the previous record set by another mega hit korean drama ‘Goblin.’

Marian posted this earlier on her instagram stories:

It’s a story of Yoon Se-Ri played by Son Ye-jin, an heiress to a conglomerate in south korea.

One day while she was paragliding, a tornado caused an accident and landed her to North Korea where she met Captain Ri Jeong-Hyeok played by Hyun Bin.

Captain Ri is an army officer in North Korea and a son of a high ranking general. He tried to protect and hide Se-Ri and along the way the two fell in love.

It’s a beautiful korean drama and no wonder Marian got hook to watching it as well.