DongYan live Tiktok

Dong and Marian Dantes guested in Eat Bulaga

It’s been 10 long years since both Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes guested together in Eat Bulaga.

Their last guesting together was way back in 2010 where they played Pinoy Henyo. Now, 10 years later, DongYan are married and have 2 beautiful children.

Today, DongYan returned to Eat Bulaga to play ‘Bawal ang Judgemental.’

But before that, during their introduction, Dong and Yan dance the viral Tik Tok dance challenge.

It’s been so long too, since we saw Dong and Yan dance together on Television. We can’t even remember the last time.

Here is DongYan’s Tik tok dance challenge:

I think it’s been 6 to 7 years since the last time they dance together live on tv. So it’s been really a treat for DongYan fans to see DongYan again together.